Metal Types for Mens Rings

There is a variety of men’s wedding rings and it can be difficult to choose which one is the best and comfortable to wear. Durability is important since you want something that will last long without worrying about replacing it Various metals are used to make men’s wedding rings.

Different Metals For Mens Wedding Rings Gold Gold is the popular metal preferred by most men when choosing wedding rings. It is strong, free of corrosion and rust and it is available in different colors and strengths. There are 24 parts in gold and its purity is measured in karats. The higher the karat the more pure the gold is 24K is the purest. Pure gold is soft and thus not ideal for wedding rings. To make it stronger for such a purpose, alloys are used 12K gold is 50% pure while the other half is an alloy that makes the metal stronger. Gold wedding rings between 18K and 10K are the best as they are durable.

Various colors are also available. In general, there are two colors available, yellow and white. However, there are different shades of yellow available depending on the amount of allow present. The less the alloy used the brighter the gold. White and yellow gold have almost similar strengths. An advantage of using gold is that it can be resized in future if there is need to do so.

Silver Silver is also a popular choice for many and is less expensive than gold. It does not have a variety of colors, only its silver color. An advantage of silver is that it is resizable. Although it is a good metal, it is not the best choice for a wedding ring you want to wear over an extended period of time It is softer compared to other metals such as gold, platinum and titanium. Its scratch resistance is low and it loses its color very fast. Due to this, it is rarely used for making wedding rings.

Palladium This metal is in the platinum group and is silver white in color. It is unique and very strong. Wedding rings made from this metal usually last for very long. Another advantage is it does not irritate the skin. It retains its white color forever making it one of the unique metals to exist

Platinum This silver white metal is rare and more valuable than gold making it one of the best metals for wedding rings. Most jewellry made from this metal has 90% platinum or higher. Due to its pure state, its color rarely changes. It can also be resized easily and is has reasonable scratch resistance. Polishing can be done on it very easily. Although it is better than gold, it is dense and heavy hence bringing some discomfort to those who dislike heavy jewellry.

Titanium It is the hardest metal in the world and is very light making titanium rings comfortable to wear. The metal in its pure state is hypoallergenic making it safe for anyone to wear. It has a wide array of colors, is resistant to corrosion and is durable. Although it is harder and more resilient than other metals used for jewellry, it cannot be resized. Hence, if you want another ring size, you have to buy another one If you need to remove it, there are tools for safely cutting it off.

Tungsten Tungsten is also known as tungsten carbide. It is a chemical compound that contains both tungsten and carbon. This combination makes it very hard and strong hence durable. It is one of the best metals to use for men’s wedding rings as it has an extremely high resistance to scratches and is less expensive compared to gold. It is available in various colors including white, black, gray and classic so you have a variety to choose from One of the most unique things about this metal is that it has a permanent polish. As others take their gold and silver rings for polishing every few months, you tungsten ring will remain new, shiny and bright as it does not need re-polishing. Due to its durability, permanent polish, scratch resistant nature and affordable price, tungsten seems to be the best metal for men’s wedding rings. Additionally, all other metals will scratch at some point but tungsten will not

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